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ALC-75: Takeoffs and Landings with Sporty's
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Takeoffs and Landings
(NOTE: You must purchase either the Takeoffs and Landings DVD or the iOS app from Sporty's before you can use this Learning Center course.)

Some of the most exhilarating aspects of flying occur during the takeoff and landing phases. But since these maneuvers happen close to the ground, the more you know the better. This video will help you become a more proficient and a safer pilot – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. We will investigate the entire takeoff and landing process – the simple and the complex.

This program helps the pilot review and consider the following:

• What to consider, step by step, during a normal takeoff – center line reference point, left turning tendencies, and proper use of rudder, to name a few.
• Review best rate of climb speed, VY, and best angle of climb speed, VX.
• Review the takeoff procedures at a towered airport and what an appropriate call up might be.
• Understand the differences between an arrival at a towered airport versus a non-towered airport.
• How to develop a personal checklist for an arrival at either a towered or a non-towered airport.
• Review the best procedure for entering a pattern and landing at a non-towered airport.
• Review the proper procedures for making great landings consistently.
• Review the necessary steps for successful crosswind takeoffs and landings.
• Understand the difference between a side slip and a forward slip and when to use each.
• Review the use of flaps on takeoff and landing.
• How to correct a bad landing – too high or too low on the approach, bouncing, rounding out too high, and the like.
• Review short field and soft field takeoffs and landings.
• Review 90°, 180°, and 360° landing maneuvers.

After completion of this course material you will be asked to return here to complete the course quiz to receive the appropriate WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program credit.