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ALC-574: NAFI - The Kings On Straight Talk About Aviation Safety
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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While discussions about safety are particularly important to general aviation, some discussions on the subject aren’t particularly helpful or insightful and can actually be counter-productive.

We will talk about positive, constructive tools that you can use as a flight instructor that are much more beneficial and productive. Finally, we will encourage you as flight instructors to exercise leadership to change the vocabulary of the entire aviation community.

As a flight instructor you are leader in the aviation community. As such you will have the opportunity to identify bad habits we all practice collectively and change them. Our shared bad habits have to do with how we manage aviation safety. In this course you will identify those bad habits and learn how to substitute new, more productive practices in their place.



Pilots throughout the world know John and Martha King from their fun video presentations in their courses, and regard them as their personal aviation mentors. The Kings’ use of technology and clear, simple, and fun teaching have made aviation knowledge more accessible to hundreds of thousands of pilots and maintenance technicians.

After an aircraft accident and discovering their own sense of vulnerability, John and Martha say they have become “born again pilots”. The Kings use humor and stories from real-world cross-country experience to vividly illustrate principles of risk management and pass along practical and insightful tools you will use and teach forever.