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ALC-559: Performance Planning and Decision Making: Life of a Ferry Pilot
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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As an international ferry pilot flying limited range and often VFR airplanes, performance planning and decision making are critical to a safe flight. This seminar will discuss advanced weather, performance planning, and decision making involved with long cross country flights. This seminar will provide a guide to successfully be able to use your small aircraft to travel longer distances no matter the type.

SARAH ROVNER - Presenter

Sarah is currently an FAA Safety Team Lead Representative, NAFI Master Instructor, and flies the 757/767 for a major Part 121 airline. Since changing careers after years as a senior network engineer for the oil & gas industry, Sarah has obtained her ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI and has flown about 5000 hours.

As the owner of an international ferry pilot company, FullThrottle Aviation LLC, Sarah has flown over 117 different types of general aviation airplanes in 15 different countries including oceanic crossings in small aircraft.

She continues to stay involved in general aviation through mentoring and education; volunteering at many different events and presenting original seminars on aviation safety and human factors.

Although much of her flying is now professional in nature, she still enjoys flying her Super Cub on her days off. As a regular attendee of Oshkosh and local fly-ins, she enjoys the company and camaraderie that general aviation brings.