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ALC-415: The Seven Deadly Aviation Sins - HASTE
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
Before you will be permitted to take the course exam, you must log in, view the intro chapter, all numbered chapters and the review chapter.
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This course, The Seven Deadly Sins - HASTE, is the first of a seven-part series led by former FAA safety program manager Fred Harms.  These programs will be originally webcast on the FAASTeam TV channel on LiveStream, but viewing through this website,, assures you seamless accreditation for you towards the WINGS pilot proficiency program.

After enrolling in the WINGS program elsewhere on this site, you should ENROLL in this course (versus the PREVIEW option).  Moving through each chapter highlights the next chapter along the way.  The chapter after this one will have a round icon with a triangular arrow.  Clicking on this arrow will open up a new window where the video will be offered.  Click on the program icon to begin playing the video.  The original airdate of this webcast will be February 24, 2015 and viewers at that time may email questions to the presenter at  After the original airing, the program will be available to view through the same link, just not live for emailing questions.

Following the video presentation, close out the presentation window by clicking X in the upper right hand corner.  That should bring you back to the course at  The next chapter following the presentation will be the course review.  This review will contain the key points from the presentation for your study prior to the quiz.

The next chapter contains quiz questions.  You will have ten questions and a pass rate of 70% is required for WINGS credits.  After a successful attempt at the quiz, WINGS credit for the course will automatically be credited to your WINGS account.  You may return to the review if your results are below 70% and retest again.  Should you not be offered a quiz at the end, you may have selected the PREVIEW instead of ENROLL.  If you made this error, you don't have to watch the presentation again to take the quiz, just enroll and take the quiz.

We hope you enjoy these FAASTeam TV presentations!

The FAASTeam TV team.