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ALC-174: Fatigue Countermeasure Training
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Welcome to the Fatigue Countermeasure Training Course. In this course you will learn the basics about fatigue, sleep, and fatigue risk management.
We have packaged the information to keep you interested and involved. The first segment of the training will consist of a 20 minute video entitled “Grounded”. This action-packed thriller is not your average government training video. Pay attention to this fast paced video and learn how fatigue can impact your family, your health, and your job.
The second segment (32 min) of the training will cover fatigue basics. In particular, it will identify some of the fatigue hazards that you may be exposed to in your life and the dangerous effects it can have. In this section, you will learn about what causes fatigue and how to look for symptoms.
The third segment (24 min) of the training will cover sleep basics. This section will describe why your mind and body become fatigued so you can more effectively look for solutions.

The fourth segment (40 min) will identify methods you can use to effectively prevent or combat fatigue.  This segment provides solutions or recommendations that you might receive from a sleep doctor. Use the information in this segment and begin applying it to your life.  You might be surprised how a few fatigue countermeasures can improve your mood, health, and safety. A little extra sleep can change how you interact with your family, friends, coworkers, and even the people you drive by on your way to work.

Average time to complete this course is approximately 2.5 hours. To take the Exam, after you have completed the course material, you must return to this course on (log in, click on Courses under the Activities, Courses & Seminars tab, and click Continue for this course) and complete the Review chapter. Then you must click on the EXAM link to take the exam.

For additional information about course content only contact:

Katrina Bedell Avers, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, AAM-510
Federal Aviation Administration
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
6500 S. MacArthur Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

Office: 405-954-1199
Fax: 405-954-4852


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Grounded.flv   --  the flash version of the “Grounded” video used in Chapter one of the “Fatigue Countermeasures” Course. 

Fatigue.exe – a PC executable file containing the contents of Chapter two of the “Fatigue Countermeasures” course.

Right Click HERE for AVI version of "Grounded" video. (258MB File)


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