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ALC-112: So You Want To Fly Seaplanes with Sporty's
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So You Want To Fly Seaplanes
(NOTE: You must purchase either the So You Want To Fly Seaplanes DVD, online course, or iOS app from Sporty's before you can use this Learning Center course.)

This program will provide an instructional foundation for earning your seaplane rating. It can also act as an excellent refresher for seaplane rated pilots. You will ride along as Sporty's instructors take you through what you should know to fly a single-engine seaplane.

This program helps the pilot review and consider the following:

o Design characteristics of seaplanes, hulls, and floats.
o The maneuvers found on the seaplane practical exam.
o The different taxi techniques you'll use on the water.
o How to read the wind and the water.
o How to master water takeoffs and landings.
o Planning for and handling emergencies unique to seaplane flying.
o Regulations in the air and on the water.

After completion of this course material you will be asked to return here to complete the course quiz to receive the appropriate WINGS - Pilot Proficiency Program credit.