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ALC-715: ABS - "Continental Engine Maintenance"
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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During this presentation we reviewed:

  1. Your maintenance responsibility as an aircraft owner
  2. Manufacturer-recommended inspections and maintenance for engine longevity
  3. The importance of timely oil changes
  4. What we can learn, and what we can’t, from compression checks and cylinder borescoping
  5. And answers to viewer questions


  • During engine break-in the engine should be operated at 75% power for the first hour
  • When performing Compression Test on all Continental Engines a master orifice of .040" should be used to determine the allowable leakage rate
  • the M-O Standard Practice Manual should be used for the Fuel System setup for all injected Continental Engines
  • The air differential from inside the top of the cowling to the lower part of the cooing to aid cooling is called Delta "P"
  • Appendix B in the M-O Standard Maintenance Manual list all the torques for all Continental Engines
  • Chapter 3 of the M-O Standard Practice Manual lists all the Lubricants Sealants, and Adhesives used on all Continental Engines

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