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ALC-678: sUAS Safety & Risk Mitigation
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Influential Drones & Sundance Media Group
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sUAS operations are on the rise in the United States and around the world with a steady increase in activity each progressing year. As more drones become airborne, best practices dictate the need to understand how to perform a flight operation safely. A critical component to safe flight, involves the techniques and methods to manage risk.

This abbreviated course provides the basic knowledge needed to safely execute a flight mission. It addresses ways to identify hazards, assess their risk level, and mitigate them. This includes operational, environmental and crew (team member) resources.


The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) requires a preflight assessment including risk mitigation actions so that sUAS will pose no undue hazard to other aircraft, people, or property in the event of a loss of control or other safety hazards (See: FAA  NPRM RIN 2120–AJ60)


This course references proven SMS techniques and best practices. It is designed for Part 107 certificate holders and recreational sUAS and FPV remote operators. It can be taken by Part 61 certificate holders whom have an interest in UAS activities as well or are interested in SMS best practices. References to “part 61 pilot certificate holders” specifically refer to holders of pilot certificates other than student pilot certificates. Part 61 pilot certificates include sport pilot, recreational pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, and air transport pilot certificates.


Others may take this course as a self-study resource.

    Anyone interested in learning more about 14 CFR Part 107 or Drone Flight Operations
    Public safety departments with or starting a drone program
    Other corporate flight departments or small businesses wishing to perform UAS operations
    FAASTeam DronePros and other FAAST Volunteer Representatives
    Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASIs)
    Aviation Safety Technicians (ASTs)
    FAASTeam Program Managers (FPMs)



When you complete this course, you will be able to:

    Identify best practices for crew member management
    Understand the characteristics of crew member risk situations
    Identify environmental factors that will increase risk
    Sight hazards in your operating environment
    Work with a FRAT (Flight Risk Assessment Tool) Matrix
    Understand the acronyms to manage risk: TEAM, IMSAFE, PAVE
    Recognize the risks of aircraft modifications


This course will take about 1-hour to complete.

Instruction is based on a 1-hour video presentation. When you complete the video presentation, related links with reference materials will be available for review. At the end of the course is an online exam.


The exam is a multiple choice and must be taken in a single session. The exam is 15 questions chosen at random, a passing score of 100% is required for a certificate.


The presentation was given live on January 19 2021 as SPANS Webinar: EA17103351.

The presentation was uploaded to following the live showing.


The presenter of the video is Douglas Spotted Eagle from Sundance Media Group and David Krause from Influential Drones. The FAA representative in the presentation was Eric Sieracki, AFG-700 EA17.


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