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ALC-610: American Bonanza Society "A Pilots Gotta Know..."
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There’s a tremendous amount of operational information in the Pilot’s Operating Handbook, an Airplane Flight Manual, old-style Airplane Owner’s Manuals, and even maintenance manuals. But how much of it is mandatory, and how much is just a recommendation? A pilot’s gotta know his or her limitations. In this webinar you’ll learn which apply to your airplane, and why.

Topics we’ll cover include:

• FAA Approved POH and Airplane Flight Manual vs. FAA “accepted” data

• Inoperative equipment and the KOEL

• Limitations for optional and aftermarket equipment

• Limitations from Airworthiness Directives

• Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

Although this American Bonanza Society program is oriented toward pilots of Beech Aircraft, the discussion, techniques and procedures described are valuable to the pilot of any airplane.


Thomas P. Turner is the Executive Director of the American Bonanza Society Air Safety Foundation. An ATP with CFI, CFII and MEI, he holds a Master’s Degree in Aviation Safety, was the 2008 FAA Central Region CFI of the Year and the 2010 National FAA Safety Team Representative of the Year. In 2015 Tom was inducted into the Flight Instructor Hall of Fame.


This ABSWeb presentation is funded by generous donations from members of the American Bonanza Society. 

American Bonanza Society

The American Bonanza Society serves Beechcraft enthusiasts by sharing valuable safety, technical and educational resources, and by promoting interaction among and advocacy on behalf of its members.  ABS is the premier association for Bonanza, Baron, Debonair, and Travel Air enthusiasts, with 9,800+ members who own, fly, or have a sincere interest in these Beechcraft models. Learn more at