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ALC-580: FAA Safety Briefing LIVE! - November / December 2019 Issue
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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This issue focuses on the concept of resource management and error mitigation techniques in the aviation environment. Feature articles focus on threat and error management and highlight the importance of sound crew and single pilot resource management. We’ll also look at ways flight data monitoring can help you steer clear of errors and learn from your mistakes. 

Feature articles included:

- Good Decisions on the Fly - Putting TEM on Your Safety Team

- The Magic of Using All Available Resources (And the Misery of Trying to Go it Alone)

- You Never Roam Alone! - Putting Single Pilot Resource Management to Work

- Welcome to the Information Age - GA Enters the Next Era

Plus articles on:

  • Aeromedical Advisory discussed cancer, heart disease, and flying.
  • Condition Inspection explores the safety impact of the common cold in flight.  
  • Jump-seat introduces the theme of this issue along with the “resource management” terms.  
  • Angle of Attack discusses the importance of avoiding nonoperational distractions 
  • Checklist reviews the availability of new courses on
  • Post-flight reviews the origins and benefits of CRM.
  • Vertically Speaking discusses the value of helicopter type clubs.  
  • Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons offers tips on verifying proper ADS-B installation. 
  • Drone Debrief discusses the use of CRM in UAS operations.