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ALC-577: From Proficiency to Mastery by Thomas P Turner
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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Most aviation training and evaluation is done to minimum standards. Safety, performance, and efficiency are greatly enhanced when you go beyond the bare minimums of proficiency and strive for mastery of the aircraft and the environment in which you fly.

There are specific techniques—not often taught in the rush of certificate and ratings training—that will significantly improve your flying performance and help you pursue mastery of flight.

Topics we cover in this course include:

  • Why mastery is such an important goal
  • Keys to mastery and command of your aircraft
  • Exercises to hone your expertise in normal, day-to-day flying
  • The Rule of 10s for extreme precision during instrument approaches
  • Simplifying emergency procedures to know the most important things you need to do
  • How to develop a personalized plan of continuing mastery education