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ALC-568: FAA WINGS for CFIs - Why Should I Care?
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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These are topics presented and discussed in this course that outline the value of the WINGS program for professional CFIs and the value of using the WINGS program as a part of each students training plan.

1 - Renew your flight instructor certificate, no FIRC needed

2- Provides a significant amount of training source material

3 - Can be embedded in your training syllabus

4- Supports and reinforces your one on one student/pilot sessions

5- Promotes student interaction and discussion

6 - Helps to ingrain a safety mindset – Set an Example

7- Creates a culture of ongoing proficiency training

8 - Maintains a relationship with clients after their practical examination

9 - Documents client flight reviews and enhances your liability protection 

10 - Enhances your reputation as a safety-conscious flight instructor with the FAA

11 - Provides $10,000 Sweepstakes entries!

12 -Leadership Development - Becoming a FAASTeam Representative