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ALC-567: FAA Safety Briefing LIVE! July-August 2019 Issue
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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This presentation provides an introduction to the July/August 2019 Issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine.

The July/August 2019 Issue focuses on aviation safety culture. Feature articles explore what a sound safety culture is and offer ways you can integrate those principles into your everyday flying and airman duties. We also look at the many FAA and industry tools available to help you build your own personal safety culture.

Feature articles include:

  • Culture Club - Compliance Program and Safety Culture
  • Party of One - Safety Culture Just for You
  • Engaging the Aviation Community - How the FAASTeam Improves
  • Safety Culture
  • Darwin Vs. Lamarck - Evolution of Safety Culture
  • Break a Rule? See a Safety Issue? - File a “NASA Report"
  • Other Pilots Looking Out for You - Trusty Tips on How to Take a Hint
  • Better with ADS-B - The Proof is In
  • National GA Award Honorees - Top 2019 GA Professionals

Plus all special emphasis columns:

  • Jumpseat – an executive policy perspective
  • ATIS – GA news and current events
  • Aeromedical Advisory – a checkup on all things aeromedical
  • Condition Inspection – a look at specific medical conditions
  • Checklist – FAA resources and safety reminders
  • Drone Debrief – drone safety roundup
  • Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons – GA maintenance issues
  • Angle of Attack – GA safety strategies
  • Vertically Speaking – safety issues for rotorcraft pilots
  • Flight Forum – letters from the Safety Briefing mailbag
  • Postflight – an editor’s perspective
  • FAA Faces – FAA employee profile

NOTE: While many of the ideas covered in the quiz are included in the presentation, you will need to download a copy of the magazine from: to complete this course