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ALC-566: Cloudy Skies - Clear Judgement
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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This presentation encourages pilots to evaluate weather information in terms of the pilot/aircraft “team” for each flight. A briefing that includes high winds or turbulence is a potential issue for both the pilot and the airplane.

For most aircraft, a briefing that includes reduced ceiling and/or visibility is primarily an issue of pilot qualifications, currency, and proficiency.  Conditions that include high density altitude or ice require a careful evaluation of aircraft performance.

Regardless of skill, a pilot cannot compensate for aircraft performance limitations. By the same token, regardless of its capability, an aircraft cannot compensate for limitations or deficiencies in pilot knowledge and skill.

This presentation also encourages pilots to develop personal minimums that are individually tailored not only to the pilot’s level of certification, experience, and proficiency, but also to the capabilities of the specific aircraft to be flown on a specific occasion. It characterizes personal minimums as analogous to fuel reserve requirements, in that they should represent the difference between the pilot/aircraft capability available and that required for the planned operation. Finally, it offers tips for review and periodic revision of baseline personal minimums.