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ALC-548: LOBO Live! - Low and Fast: Is It Safe and Is It Legal?
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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“Low and Fast: Is It Safe and Is It Legal”, discusses the hazards, risks and consequences of intentional low altitude flight for thrill purposes. 

The course also describes the FAA regulations found in 14 CFR Part 91 concerning TFRs, altitude, flight, aerobatic flight and airspeed limitations and legal ramifications of intentional low altitude flight for thrill purposes.

The presenter is a former Navy A-6 intruder bombardier/ navigator who flew low and fast legally for a living. Often called “buzzing”, many pilots and passengers have perished through the years participating in this aeronautical activity. 


Dr. William Jeffrey “Jeff” Edwards is a Navy ROTC graduate of Miami University of Ohio and a graduate of The Ohio State University. His Ph.D. is in Aviation from Saint Louis University, concentrating in aviation safety. He served in the United States Navy as bombardier/ navigator flying A-6 Intruders aboard the USS John F. Kennedy with Attack Squadron 34 and Attack Squadron 176 aboard the USS Forrestal. He is a veteran of the first Gulf War.

In 1997, Jeff founded AvSafe, LLC, an aviation safety consulting company. He has consulted on over 500 aircraft accident cases including the Marine Corps EA-6B gondola wire strike in Cavalese, Italy and the Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan Cessna 335 loss of control accident.
Jeff is a former corporate and Part 135 pilot and holds an ATP certificate, a Commercial single engine land and sea, and glider certificates, and CFII, MEI and AGI certificates with nearly 10,000 hours total time. 

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