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ALC-499: Flight Instructor "War Stories:" Learning from Our Peers
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Aeronautical Proficiency Training, LLC
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People like stories and can learn a great deal from them.  This presentation will discuss the value of storytelling as an instructional tool and share stories to illustrate the value of storytelling.  We cannot know everything and so it is imperative that we learn from others and to foster that discourse.  This presentation will, in broad terms, discuss options for setting storytelling sessions in the viewer’s community to grow the use of directed story telling as a community teaching tool.

  • At the end of this presentation, viewers will:
    • Understand the value of storytelling in instruction.
    • Have a new set of stories to tell their students to illustrate points for emergencies, student instruction and environmental concerns.
    • Know how they can take this format to their home airport communities and set up activities to encourage community learning from storytelling.

  • Education
    • Masters of Science in Education in Workforce Education and Development (2011)
    • Associate in Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance (2007)
    • Associate in Applied Science in Aviation Pilot Training (2007)
    • Bachelor of Science in History (2005)
  • Certification
    • Cessna technically advanced aircraft FITS training certificate: 2007
    • FAA certified flight instructor, airplane single engine: 2007
    • FAA certified flight instructor, instrument airplane: 2007
    • FAA certified flight instructor, airplane multi engine: 2007
    • FAA certified airframe and powerplant mechanic: 2007
    • FAA certified ground instructor, advanced and instrument: 2008
    • FAA certified flight instructor, gold seal:  2008
    • FAA Airline Transport Pilot, Airplane Multi Engine (Commercial SE): 2016
    • FAA Remote Pilot: 2016    
    • FAA second class medical certificate   2017
  • Flight Experience
    • Total Time:                                   2950 hours
    • Pilot in Command time:               2875 hours
    • Multi Engine time:                          280 hours
    • Instructional Time:                        2250 hours
    • Instrument Instruction:                    400+ hours
    • Multi-Engine Instruction:                 180+ hours
    • Last twelve months:                        150+ hours
  • Instructional Work:
    • Assistant Professor and Assistant Chief Flight Instructor: Southern Illinois University Carbondale 
    • Designated Pilot Examiner for PPASEL, IRASEL, CPASEL
  • Volunteer work:
    • FAASTeam Representative
    • University Aviation Association
    • National Association of Flight Instructors
      • Lifetime member
      • Master Instructor Reviewer
      • Member: Master Instructor Advisory Committee
    • Civil Air Patrol
      • Check Pilot Examiner for Illinois Wing
      • Mission Pilot, Observer, and Scanner
  • Awards / Accreditations
    • National Association of Flight Instructors
      • Master Instructor Accreditation (4 times, since 2011)
    • Civil Air Patrol
      • Illinois Group 1 Senior Member of the Year
    • Southern Illinois University Carbondale
      • 2015-2016 Department of Aviation Management and Flight Teacher of the Year