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ALC-498: Aircraft Exhaust Systems (AMT Core Course 2018)
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During this course we will use excerpts from several sources to introduce you to information about general aviation small aircraft piston engine exhaust systems from several sources; including relevant FAA Advisory Circulars, NTSB accident case studies where exhaust system failures were considered during the accident investigations, relevant service information and best practices provided by aircraft manufacturers, repair stations and FAASTeam safety literature.

Exposure to carbon monoxide (CO), which is formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing materials such as aviation fuels, is associated with headache, dizziness, fatigue, and at elevated doses, death.  Exhaust system failures in general aviation (GA) aircraft can result in carbon monoxide (CO) exposure.  When this occurs in an aircraft, the end result could be an accident.

A review of cases revealed that carbon monoxide (CO) related accidents occurred throughout the year; however, the accidents caused by leakage in the muffler or exhaust system were more prevalent in the colder months.