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ALC-479: Balloon Aeronautical Decision Making
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Balloon Federation of America
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Of course a pilot can fly and land his balloon alone, but that’s not always the best or safest choice. A skilled and savvy ground crew provide redundancy for their pilot’s eyes, mind, and muscles and offer observations, leverage, and options otherwise unavailable – a true safety advantage. But are you and your crew working together for maximum safety? Test your safety savvy and readiness in real-life flight scenarios that require sound training and immediate action, explore preventive and mitigating strategies, and ramp check your safety protocol to see how you would have fared in a variety of situations. Watch this fast-paced program with your crew to sharpen their skills and actively engage them in flying safety.

Full of real-life tips on passenger management, weather monitoring, GO/NO GO decisions, power line strikes, crew assisted landings, and much more.

Author Gordon Schwontkowski leads this video session through a variety of techniques to use the team approach to ballooning safety.


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