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ALC-232: NTSB - Weatherwise
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NTSB Meteorologist, Donald Eick, talks about how important understanding weather is in safely planning and executing general aviation flight operations.  Don will walk you through a number of aviation accidents and how they might have been prevented by simple weather related flight planning.  Weather tools that could help you in making weather-wise decisions and mitigate accidents will be discussed.

Don will discuss the main GA weather threat areas like thunderstorms and how we might use our preflight weather briefing information to avoid them.

The following are a few helpful Internet links that are used during the course.  You may want to review these sites before watching the video:

National Weather Service -
Here are a few links to reference materials that will be addressed during the presentation. You may find it beneficial to have them available while you view the video. (Some of these materials are very large files, please allow sufficient time for them to download.)

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Tenerife, Canary Islands Accident - Netherlands Aviation Safety Board Final Report
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