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Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs)

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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Polk, LA Selected ATC Notices 11/15/2019 NOTC9855
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Polk, LA Selected ATC Notices 11/15/2019 NOTC9854
VIP Notice - Austin, TX. Selected ATC Notices 11/14/2019 NOTC9853
Not all bolts are created equal especially in a Cessna propeller twin General Information 11/14/2019 NOTC9804
FAA Consolidated Wake Turbulence (CWT) Radar Separation Standards Implementation Selected ATC Notices 11/14/2019 NOTC9850
Under 2 Months Away till ADS-B General Information 11/12/2019 NOTC9841
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (Oct 2019) Helicopter Operations 11/12/2019 NOTC9849
Calling All Female Pilots and AMTs - The Master Pilot and Master Mechanic Awards Program Wants You! (Corrected Notice) General Information 11/12/2019 NOTC9843
FAA Awards for General Aviation General Information 11/7/2019 NOTC9840
Boise's Big Sky Approach New Changes Local Air Safety Information 11/7/2019 NOTC9838
FAAST Blast — Cold Temperature Restricted Airports, FAASB Live, Putting TEM On Your Safety Team General Information 11/7/2019 NOTC9839
GPS Notification - Fallon, NV Local Air Safety Information 11/6/2019 NOTC9837
Safety Alert - Pierce County Airport - Thun Field (KPLU) Washington State Airports - General & Safety Information 11/6/2019 NOTC9832
GPS Notification - Nellis AFB, NV Local Air Safety Information 11/1/2019 NOTC9825
WASH FSDO General Aviation Operations Inspector Positions FAA Job Opening Announcements 11/1/2019 NOTC9819
Runway Safety Tips – Winter Ops General Information 10/28/2019 NOTC9809
FAAST Blast — Drone Safety Awareness Week, Report Wildlife Strikes, The Startle Effect General Information 10/25/2019 NOTC9805
Construction at Tucson Int'l. Airport Runway Safety Information 10/21/2019 NOTC9798
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (July 2019) Helicopter Operations 10/11/2019 NOTC9671
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (Sep 2019) Helicopter Operations 10/11/2019 NOTC9779
Taxi Tips- Know the Line...Stay on the Line FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 10/10/2019 NOTC9776
General Aviation Award Nominations for 2020 General Information 10/10/2019 NOTC9774
KCGF RWY 24 ILS Local Air Safety Information 10/10/2019 NOTC9773
Kansas City FSO Information Letter General Information 10/4/2019 NOTC9762
2019 WINGS Sweepstakes FAA Newsletters 10/4/2019 NOTC9760
ELT Accidental Activation and Prevention Initiative General Information 9/27/2019 NOTC9750
The Buck Stops With Me Airworthiness 9/18/2019 NOTC9741
2020 General Aviation Awards General Information 9/16/2019 NOTC9735
Security Risks to Aviation Safety SAFO - Safety Alerts for Operators 9/5/2019 NOTC9710
FAA Transitions to ICAO Flight Plan Format General Information 8/27/2019 NOTC9696
Airworthiness Concern Sheet-Piper PA-28 Fuel Selectors General Information 8/15/2019 NOTC9658
Airworthiness Concern Sheet-Piper PA-32 Hoses General Information 8/15/2019 NOTC9659
Illegal Charter Operations General Information 8/13/2019 NOTC9663
Tethered Balloon - Mid Valley Airport (KTXW) Local Air Safety Information 8/7/2019 NOTC9627
Control Cable Fitting Cracks and Failures Hiding Under Safety Wire – Inspect Closely General Information 8/5/2019 NOTC9608
FAA approves AEA petition to accept ASTM process for evaluating alterations Airworthiness 8/2/2019 NOTC9631
FAA Transitions to Mandatory Use of International Flight Plan General Information 7/26/2019 NOTC9616
The Polaris CMO located in Anchorage, AK is currently recruiting to fill General Aviation Operations Inspector positions: General Information 7/22/2019 NOTC9611
Part 91 Leases - Be Safe, Be Legal General Information 7/22/2019 NOTC9607
Reminder on IFR Clearances-UPDATE General Information 7/19/2019 NOTC9597
Annual USHST Meeting in Torrance, CA 14 & 15 August 2019 Helicopter Operations 7/18/2019 NOTC9595
United -States Helicopter Safety Team-Monthly Report (June 2019) Helicopter Operations 7/9/2019 NOTC9567
Airworthiness Alert-Cessna 177 and 210 Aircraft General Information 7/2/2019 NOTC9552
Pre-ignition and Detonation Are Deadly Airworthiness 7/2/2019 NOTC9540
Flying Cloud Airport is Improving But Still is Having Runway Incursions! General Information 7/1/2019 NOTC9547
Avoid Pilot Deviations Departing KVNY and KBUR Local Air Safety Information 6/5/2019 NOTC8509
Camden Woodward Field - Traffic Pattern Vigilance Local Air Safety Information 6/4/2019 NOTC8508
American Bonanza Society Control Cable Turnbuckle Recommendation Airworthiness 5/30/2019 NOTC8499