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Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs)

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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
Canceled - 2022 Albertville Alabama Inspection Authorization Seminar Local Air Safety Information 1/20/2022 NOTC2225
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – White Sands Missile Range, NM Selected ATC Notices 1/20/2022 NOTC2223
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – China Lake, CA Selected ATC Notices 1/20/2022 NOTC2224
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Off-The-Coast Selected ATC Notices 1/19/2022 NOTC2222
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Off-The-Coast Selected ATC Notices 1/19/2022 NOTC2221
Super Bowl LVI Flight Advisory Selected ATC Notices 1/19/2022 NOTC2220
VIP Notice - San Bernardino, CA Selected ATC Notices 1/19/2022 NOTC2219
VIP Notice - Los Angeles, CA Selected ATC Notices 1/17/2022 NOTC2218
VIP Notice - Thurmont, MD Selected ATC Notices 1/16/2022 NOTC2217
FAAST Blast — Super Bowl Flight Restrictions, FAA AMT Grants, Speed up Your Medical General Information 1/14/2022 NOTC2216
FAA Hosting Virtual Public Workshops for Flight Procedure Changes at MCI General Information 1/13/2022 NOTC2213
USHST Monthly Safety Report - Jan 2022 Helicopter Operations 1/12/2022 NOTC2212
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Irwin, CA Selected ATC Notices 1/11/2022 NOTC2211
Watch The Rotorcraft Collective Video Series Helicopter Operations 1/10/2022 NOTC2206
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Polk, LA Selected ATC Notices 1/10/2022 NOTC2209
Ohio Aviation Maintenance Symposium Airworthiness 1/3/2022 NOTC2199
AMT IA Renewal Seminars Airworthiness 12/30/2021 NOTC2198
FAAST Blast — New Video on Survival Kits, Two New Helicopter Safety Videos, Dive Into Drone Jobs General Information 12/30/2021 NOTC2197
Pilot Deviations out of KMCO New Airspace Concerns 12/27/2021 NOTC2186
2021 SC Designated Pilot Examiner of the Year - District Honoree General Information 12/26/2021 NOTC2182
2021 SC Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year - District Honoree General Information 12/26/2021 NOTC2180
2021 SC FAASTeam Representative of the Year - District Honoree General Information 12/26/2021 NOTC2179
2021 Designated Mechanic Examiner of the Year General Information 12/23/2021 NOTC2193
2021 SC ATA Mechanic of the Year - District Honoree Airworthiness 12/23/2021 NOTC2192
VIP Notice - Rehoboth Beach, DE Selected ATC Notices 12/23/2021 NOTC2191
USHST Monthly Safety Report - December 2021 Helicopter Operations 12/9/2021 NOTC2174
North Las Vegas Airport GYPSUM VFR Route Effective Dec 15 2021 Local Air Safety Information 12/7/2021 NOTC2168
Are your wing attachment points serviceable? General Information 11/16/2021 NOTC2141
The Impossible Turn Local Air Safety Information 11/4/2021 NOTC2122
PAE Wrong-Direction Intersection Departures Local Air Safety Information 11/3/2021 NOTC2114
USHST Monthly Safety Report - October 2021 Helicopter Operations 10/14/2021 NOTC2092
Runway Safety Emphasis - Educational Outreach Brochure Local Air Safety Information 10/13/2021 NOTC2089
RNO Video for Wrong Runway Landings General Information 10/13/2021 NOTC2087
HNL Reef Runway Taxiway Name Changes, 07 OCT 2021 General Information 9/26/2021 NOTC2063
FAA Consolidated Wake Turbulence (CWT) Radar Separation Standards Implementation within Atlanta TRACON Airspace Selected ATC Notices 9/17/2021 NOTC2056
USHST Monthly Safety Report - September 2021 Helicopter Operations 9/8/2021 NOTC2042
Electronic 1 pg Brochure - Runway Safety Runway Safety Information 9/3/2021 NOTC2031
2021-9-2 LTA: FPR - Treaure Coast Int'l Apt Runway Safety Information 9/2/2021 NOTC2027
USHST Simulation Video: Learn from Your Mistakes Helicopter Operations 8/25/2021 NOTC2018
SAIB AIR-21-13: Engine Emergency Shutdown System Helicopter Operations 8/23/2021 NOTC2010
USHST Monthly Safety Report - August 2021 Helicopter Operations 8/11/2021 NOTC1993
Requirement for Pre-Departure COVID-19 Negative Test Result InFO - Information for Operators 8/10/2021 NOTC1990
Requirement for Pre-Departure COVID-19 Negative Test Result FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 8/10/2021 NOTC1989
Update to “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports” program InFO - Information for Operators 8/9/2021 NOTC1988
Global COVID-19 Testing Requirement for ALL Air Passengers entering the US General Information 8/9/2021 NOTC1986
Nominations can now be submitted for the 2022 General Aviation Awards program General Information 7/21/2021 NOTC1958
Alaska FIS-B Enhancements General Information 7/1/2021 NOTC1924
56 Seconds to Live! Helicopter Operations 7/1/2021 NOTC1923
GA NEEDS TO DO BETTER HERE! General Information 6/29/2021 NOTC1917
Recommended Practice: Simulation Training for Aviation Decision Making Helicopter Operations 6/24/2021 NOTC1905