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SubjectNotice TypeDateNotice Number
VIP Notice - New Orleans, LA Selected ATC Notices 6/29/2022 NOTC2462
Availability of RNAV IAPs at JFK Airport (New York) InFO - Information for Operators 6/28/2022 NOTC1668
VIP Movement Notification - Los Angeles, CA Selected ATC Notices 6/28/2022 NOTC2459
VIP Movement Notification - San Francisco, CA Selected ATC Notices 6/27/2022 NOTC2458
RIMPAC 2022 General Information 6/27/2022 NOTC2457
VIP Movement Notification - Thurmont, MD Selected ATC Notices 6/26/2022 NOTC2455
KTEB ATC Letter to Airmen FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 6/23/2022 NOTC2453
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE NEW MEXICO Selected ATC Notices 6/22/2022 NOTC2454
KTEB Ruudy 6 UPDATE 2022 FAR Part 91/135 Turbojet Operators 6/22/2022 NOTC2445
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Fort Irwin, CA Selected ATC Notices 6/20/2022 NOTC2450
Human Factors Training Resources for Aviation Maintenance General Information 6/17/2022 NOTC2449
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE NEW MEXICO (WSMRNM) 22-31 Selected ATC Notices 6/17/2022 NOTC2448
FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing – Naval Air Station Fallon, NV Selected ATC Notices 6/17/2022 NOTC2446
Colorado Springs Airport Runway Rehabilitation Airports - General & Safety Information 6/16/2022 NOTC2428
Limited Air Traffic Control Tower Services Local Air Safety Information 6/16/2022 NOTC2442
Construction at Ryan (RYN) Airfield Airports - General & Safety Information 6/15/2022 NOTC2431
FAAST Blast — New Airport Grants Awarded, Air Race Classic Jun 21-24, Tempering Turbulence General Information 6/15/2022 NOTC2440
USHST Monthly Safety Report for June 2022 Helicopter Operations 6/10/2022 NOTC2437
Lake Hood (LHD) Alaska Aircraft Operations Local Air Safety Information 6/8/2022 NOTC2432
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Local Air Safety Information 6/6/2022 NOTC2425
Proper Protocol for use of 121.5 Emergency Freq. General Information 6/2/2022 NOTC2420
FAAST Blast — New Animation for Runway Simulator, New Rule for AMT Schools, Know Your ADS-B General Information 6/2/2022 NOTC2419
New Part 147 Regulations, Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools, Published May 24, 2022 General Information 5/25/2022 NOTC2403
Reposted Advisory Circular 61-134 CFI Editorial Update General Information 5/19/2022 NOTC2388
Bizjet Cowling Departures Lead to Significant Damage 1/4-Turn Fastener Recommendations General Information 5/19/2022 NOTC2389
Emergency Airworthiness Directive for Airbus Helicopters General Information 5/13/2022 NOTC2380
USHST Monthly Safety Report - May 2022 Helicopter Operations 5/13/2022 NOTC2379
ATTN ATP, Commercial and Remote Pilots: Pilot Records Database (PRD) Webinars and Deadlines General Information 5/12/2022 NOTC2349
Error found on US Airspace Classes at a Glance Airspace Card for Manned Aircraft General Information 5/12/2022 NOTC2340
Walla Walla Regional Airport - Construction Runway Safety Information 5/12/2022 NOTC2337
USHST Monthly Safety Report for April 2022 Helicopter Operations 5/10/2022 NOTC2334
KSLC Runway Safety Video Runway Safety Information 5/10/2022 NOTC2330
Charlotte CLT 36R Safety Alert Notification Runway Safety Information 3/24/2022 NOTC2316
SocialFlight Launches FAA Learning System Free On-Demand Learning for FAA WINGS/AMT and A&P/IA Renewal Credits General Information 3/22/2022 NOTC2317
Stockton, CA (SCK) Aviation Taxilanes Rehabilitation Project Runway Safety Information 3/11/2022 NOTC2307
FAA General Aviation Safety Outreach Initiative General Information 3/10/2022 NOTC2310
Changes to Instrument Rating Cross Country Approach Requirement General Information 3/8/2022 NOTC2305
FAA, Industry Chart Path to Eliminate Lead Emissions from GA by the End of 2030 General Information 3/4/2022 NOTC2276
USHST Monthly Safety Report for March 2022 Helicopter Operations 3/4/2022 NOTC2298
Greensboro GSO Weather Radar Airports - General & Safety Information 3/3/2022 NOTC2296
Thrush Wing Spar AD 2009-26-11 Are you clear with compliance? General Information 3/3/2022 NOTC2292
AD 2022-05-09 for Certain MARS A.S Emergency Parachutes Airworthiness 2/28/2022 NOTC2284
NTSB-Structural Failure of Piper Rudder Posts General Information 2/8/2022 NOTC2252
Misuse of Expense Sharing and Understanding Pilot Privileges General Information 1/31/2022 NOTC2238
USHST Monthly Safety Report - Jan 2022 Helicopter Operations 1/12/2022 NOTC2212
2021 SC Designated Pilot Examiner of the Year - District Honoree General Information 12/26/2021 NOTC2182
2021 SC Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year - District Honoree General Information 12/26/2021 NOTC2180
2021 SC FAASTeam Representative of the Year - District Honoree General Information 12/26/2021 NOTC2179
VIP Notice - Rehoboth Beach, DE Selected ATC Notices 12/23/2021 NOTC2191
USHST Monthly Safety Report - December 2021 Helicopter Operations 12/9/2021 NOTC2174