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Startle Response and ADM
How To Manage Emergency and Abnormal Events
Date and Time:
Thursday, January 27, 2022, starting at 14:00 Eastern Standard Time Download Calendar File
Master Pilot Sam Gross
Brief Description:

Fatal general aviation accidents often result from inappropriate responses to unexpected events. Humans are subject to a “startle response” when they are faced with unexpected emergency situations and may delay action or initiate inappropriate action in response to the emergency. In aviation, the startle effect can be defined as an uncontrollable, automatic reflex that is elicited by exposure to a sudden, intense event that violates a pilot’s expectations. 

The startle response (also known as limbic hijack) is the physical and mental response to a sudden unexpected stimulus. More commonly known as ‘fight or flight’, this physiological reaction occurs in response to what you may perceive as a harmful event, attack, threat to your survival or simply fear. The fight or flight response evolved to enable us to react with appropriate actions: to run away, to fight, or sometimes freeze to be a less visible target.

Training and preparation can reduce startle response time and promote more effective and timely responses to emergencies. Pilots have received little training on how to successfully manage a sudden and stressful event that requires quick and accurate decision making. Aeronautical decision-making training can improve the outcome of these types of events.


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Happy Hangar Cafe
4241 Birdson Blvd

Lutz, FL 33559
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From the south via I-75: exit Hwy56 and proceed west to Hwy54. Turn Right on Hwy54 and then turn right on Magnolia Blvd and then right on Songbird Blvd.

From the north via I-75: exit Hwy54 and proceed to Magnolia Blvd and turn left.  Then turn right on Songbird Blvd.

If you want to order food prior to the seminar, please arrive by 1:30 as the cafe closes at 2 pm.

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16 seats at the facility, 1 remaining for online registration.
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Phone: (925) 785-1420
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The Tampa FSDO FAASTeam would like to thank the Happy Hangar Cafe for sponsoring this event and would also like to thank the National FAA Safety Team for the development of this PowerPoint presentation.


Prior to attending a safety seminar please review and abide by current CDC, State, and Local health guidelines.

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